The main objective of my work was to focus my research and attention on a human and his relation to music. The second objective was to research the influence of vibrations and melody on the human body.


I have taken a decision to come back to the roots of the sound and therefore I was looking for the inspiration in the nature. My primary goal was to give a wake up call, an interest in music and harmony, which is a capability of human. My inspiration lies in the African and Peruvian natural music instruments.


The result of my research and work is a collection of two music instruments, which can activate the whole human body. In the result human body is able to proceed the vibrations intensively and have an immersive music/sound experience.


Kon and Rao are Peruvian gods of rain and thunderstorm, water and light, peace and chaos. Being from the same origin they are concurrent. This amazing balance of opposites I have shown as a relationship of sound and form. With the help of a circle, as a symbol of return to roots and nature, both instruments are connected. They are connected with the help of intuitive circle movement in a vertical or horizontal axes; the instruments are different because of their sound – rain and thunderstorm. Intensity and melody are connected directly with the movement of the person using them.