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Annamária Mikulik


Global era allow us to meet people from all over the world. The window of opportunities to discover diverse cultures is always ajar, if we are brave enough to step out of our comfort zone. We find something authentic, rare and unique about any person we meet on our way of life that we fall in love and share a part of our life with. Everybody and everything leaves a trace in our hearts, and we, too, are found in an endless dance of emotions, dreams and ambitions. HEARTPRINT is a collection of 6 heart-shaped charms designed to as a stamp that are inspired by traditional Slovak blueprint textile technology. The collection is made of anodised aluminium, a stamp and ink. Each jewel is a unique representation of a human heart that may put a stamp on any object dear to us, a loved hand, a page in a book or even on the walls of a city.  We imprint our selves into the hearts of others with our deep and powerful story, so we can say – I perceive its pulse forever and ever.


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