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BADW Fashion Selection


The opening evening of Bratislava Design Week will include fashion – Lenka Sršňová, Sewologylab, Drevená Helena and Maja Božović will present their work in the Atrium of the Faculty of Philosophy of the Comenius University.



Galaktika 2014


Her models are inspired by infinite geometrical shapes and spaces of the universe, involved in stories featuring fantastical beings, astronauts, falling comets or colorful surfaces. Other models have appeared during the summer, created during a residential stay in Regular Line Topoľčany Santa Cruz, organized by a multimedia space for contemporary culture Platform 1-12. A series of models produced in California reflects the life of the ocean and the beach. Long, loose dresses or comfortable wrap-around skirts are complemented by “american” helmets with the authors design.


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Galaktika 2014, Kalifornia, foto Zuzana Godalova


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Nothing at all can be expected

Spring/Summer 2015


The collection „Nothing at all can be expected“ is a duet of two women: fashion designer Lucia from Sewologylab and paintress Patricia Koryšová.This cooperation has brought us a collection of dresses with unconventional cuts with prints from a certain painting of shivering beauty. Expect nothing and prepare for surprises.


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Memories of the future


How can one cope with the current commercial fashion system? Maja Božović’s collection is a reaction to the enormous production and draining of natural resources without limits. What is common today might become a luxury tomorrow.

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maja bozovic 3


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FW ’14 // Black Collection


This years autumn / winter collection by Drevenná (Wooden) Helena is all in black. No need to search for secrets or the dark side though. Black presents elegance, variability and lastingness. The new collection upholds standard, pure lines and free cuts, suitable to both genders with their universality. This minimalistic unisex collection is made for formal and informal occasions, and thanks to its comfort and qualities, it’s suitable for everyday use.


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drevena helena 2


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Footwear for the fashion show is provided by Humanic, make-up is done by LeRen.


HUMANIC is the place to visit for shoe lovers. It brings the best from well-known brands like  Alisha, Tommy Hilfiger, Geox, Funky Shoes, Vagabond, Vigneron, Lacoste and many others. It cooperates with fashion designers and supports young artists on fashion shows. HUMANIC lives with a passion for shoes. Just watch the catwalk and see for yourself.


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