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Beáta Gerbócová



“I had 3 chairs (white, red and black) at my disposal. Peacock “eyes” and their distinctive colours evoked 3 different female characters that I named White – Tender, Black – Night Beauty and Red – Rock Star. For these names I made designs that would render three female personalities. We decided not to work in a commercial way. That’s why I allowed myself to work with the design of a textile freely, without necessary pattern repeating; I adjusted the motive to the shape of a sitting part of a chair. I had always on my mind that the upholstered parts should add a specific female style to the chairs. The textiles were woven on digital weaving loom and during sewing the seats, I used the tassles that were a natural part of a textile, as they came directly from a warp. From the very beginning, I took both the tassles and frills as an equal art element that would stress my intention to personify the chair, giving it a very particular character.”

The series of textile seats for the collection of chairs came about in collaboration with designer Michal Staško.

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