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České patro


The exhibition České patro is presenting the elite of the contemporary Czech design scene. The show will present studio Monogram, current winner of the prestigious Grand Designer 2014 award from the Czech Grand Design, whose work is strongly connected with glass and light. Their collection is full of short stories, delicate and mysterious, soaked with fragments of memories and other associations. Another duo is Jan Plecháč and Henry Wielgus, who have deserved international attention in recent years. Their diverse work rises from quotations, for example, but they can also be poetically minimal. They cooperate with LASVIT, Rossana Orlandi gallery, Mint shop, Luminaire or Cappellini. Klara Šumová and Dirk Wright, is a duo, whose work has a fine nostalgic charge. The Oasis collection builds on decorativeness and fascination with the Orient, in the same way as Art Deco set it, but also deprives him from the difficulties and indulge it with easy dreaminess. In their Oasis you should vivify and feel a light gust of hot wind and your face… The Czech platform Local Icon stands for the return to the past, making research but also focus on the future. They were established only recently, however, they draw attention by precise curatorial selection, and by progressive handling on theme cult of local products, which have for some reason disappeared and they want to point them out again. Sofya Samareva made an extravagant series of sculptural hats last year. Hats, which look like hairstyles evoke a fantastic world from the rock and roll era. Design studio Veronika & Viktorie is presenting their two new collections at Bratislava Design Week, within the exhibition České patro. Vases Craft was made from different types of massive wood on a classic lathe, in other words by means of a craft that has been fading out from designer’s production in recent years. Table mirrors collection designed by Veronika & Viktorie was inspired by elementary geometry and points out personal beauty.


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