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Curro Claret – Design that helps


„I was born in Barcelona in 1968 and I have lived most of my life here. I studied industrial design at the Elisava School of Superior Design and in Central St. Martins in London (studies which I wasn’t able to finish for reasons too complicated to go into here, but I am extremely happy and grateful for the experience). After my return to Barcelona, I worked at various jobs more or less related to design (is there a job that isn’t related to design?). The job that shocked me most was the one in a car part factory, the kind where workers are standing all day long in front of a machine practically without moving, repeating the same gesture over and over again … In 1998 I began my freelance work. Since then I have been working in a variety of different projects (small objects, large objects, installations, interior design, events and happenings. . .) All these designs were done for my family, friends, galleries, institutions, foundations, the City of Barcelona, the Generalitat de Catalunya, small companies, medium-sized companies and a few large companies… “

This is an excerpt from Curro Claret’s professional CV on his web site. Obviously, he is a designer who does not like flashy words. And he belongs among the most respected Catalan designers today. The most important are his social connotations of projects and his thinking about the role of the designer. He enjoys working with marginalized communities in society, such as the homeless, immigrants, or the motive to share and help each other. In Bratislava he will present the project Pieza. Bratislava Design Week in cooperation with the Vagus c.a. will organize a workshop, on which Curro Claret together with the homeless, will produce a simple form of furniture (it’s just the Pieza design element with makes it easy to assemble any seating furniture) for our new day center Domec for homeless people. The project is part of the main exhibition, and its main topic is work.


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