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On the Road


„You have to solve the Gypsy problem. If you don’t, you’ll end up just like we did,” said Jozef Hrivnák, the chairman of the Slovak Socialist Republic government, in a private conversation with Ján Budaj after the historically first negotiation between the communists and the anti-communist revolution leaders in November of 1989.

This Ján Budaj’s memory explains a lot. That was the only message which the communist ex-prime minister wanted to emphasise and give to the representatives of the new government. Said “Gypsy problem” was the imaginary baton that the old power passed to the new one.

Unfortunately, the situation has been worsening since then. The fascists took it from the countryside to the parliament and, by doing so, underlined this conservative principle connected to the policy of Hlinka’s Slovak People’s Party. This problem has been present in the Slovak politics for 25 years now. The educational system hasn’t managed to create the valuable counterbalance for expressions of nationalism and racism. We don’t want refugees here, because we don’t believe we can handle it. “We’ve got enough problems with our Romani people,” say many, like the Prime Minister of the Slovak Government.

This will be the topic of the talk with our guests:

Zuzana Števulová, lawyeress and the directress of the Human Rights League association, Vlado Rafael, Doctor of Education and the director of the Eduroma association and Michal Vašečka, sociologist and pedagogist at the Masaryk University in Brno.

Moderator: Fedor Blaščák

Stop by when on your way to the city.

Entry is free.


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Foto (c) Robert Tappert