• Department of Visual Communication, VŠVU Bratislava / Parallel Area

    This year’s public defenses of master theses (7th June, from 10 am) of the students of the Department of…

  • Javorina / Solid Area

    Javorina / Solid Area

    Javorina is a traditional manufacturer of design furniture made of massive wood, mainly oak or American walnut. With its…

  • Authors Design, Department of Design at VŠVU Bratislava / School Area

    The results of the subject Authors Design within the Department of Design at VŠVU in Bratislava under the lead…

  • Natália Blahova / Design Lab

    „The point of satisfaction” refers to the situation, the moment of „it”. Both intuitive and logical, or none of…

  • Maja Božović / Design Lab

    After graduating from textile design at AFAD in Bratislava, Maja Božović picked up her professional skills in the Belgian…

  • Créeme / Design Lab

    Créeme (from Spanish: believe me) is a sustainable brand of organic women’s underware and men’s T-shirts in the natural…

  • Terézia Feňovčíková / Design Lab

    Experimental shaping and spatial forming of clothes are at the very base of the collection inspired by the Korean…

  • Beáta Gerbocová / Design Lab

    Beáta Gerbocová / Design Lab

    The textiles are designed for a fictional woman living in the English countryside. The main motive appearing in all…

  • Guapa / Design Lab

    The Guapa studio makes wallpapers, fabrics and interior accessories that feature designer patterns connecting Southern temperament with Nordic minimalism….

  • Ladislav Kavecký / Design Lab

    Ladislav Kavecký / Design Lab

    It is white and visible just at some point. What is it? Find the answer in the installation BELIEVE….

  • Martin Mjartan / Design Lab

    Martin Mjartan / Design Lab

    The project of Pálffy’s lime tree is inspired by the late baroque building in the large gardens of count…

  • Samuel Rihák / Design Lab

    Age 21 by Samuel Rihak is a limited edition furniture collection that has its premiere on BADW 2017. Featuring…