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Fashion March!


The first demonstration of fashion of this kind in Slovakia, which you’ll be able to experience thanks to Denamite, during Bratislava Design Week in the streets of our capitol!

“We want fashion to come out of the box of snobbism and fashion shows prepared for the chosen few, and out among the real users. Alternative approaches to presentation are currently preferred in the world of fashion, those that are more accessible, but still as attractive as the traditional fashion show. Our goal is to introduce the quality of Slovakian fashion, stress the accessibility and wearability of the young designers creations. Thanks to a unique crowd of models and a music escort, the first Fashion March! will not be overlooked. Young actors, singers and other celebrities will show their love of fashion, dressed in design outfits of individual designers as a forefront for the other models.” Five designers will present their newest collection on the march: Zlatica Hujbertová / Puojd / Dana Kleinert / Lenka Sršňová / Andrea Pojezdálová.


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puojd1-foto-Jakub Gulyás

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Photo: Jakub Gulyáš (Puojd collection)