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The Rescue of Governmental lounge at the airport M. R. Štefánik in Bratislava


The installation and the virtual tour guide of Governmental lounge fragment designed by V. Vilhan at the airport M. R. Štefánik in Bratislava. This unique modernist interior made in high-tech style has been saved by experts from the Slovak Design Museum and the Slovak Design Centre in collaboration with other public institutions and individuals. Cooperation with: Livia Pemčáková.


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00_cover_foto_Pohlad_do_centralnej_casti_salonika. FOTO © Lívia Pemčáková

The headquarters of Gorvnmental lounge. FOTO © Lívia Pemčáková, 2014

01_Plastic People

Plastic People, Part 2. FOTO © Mária Švarbová, 2014