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The eco-friendly style of life is more thoughtful. But everything depends on our homes. If we want to help our planet, we have to take our very first steps at where we live. We can save water. We can segregate waste. We can do useful little things everywhere that’s possible. And the feeling we get from it is beyond any price. Ikea presents its new collection – Användbar, dedicated to the greener lifestyle. It includes normal everyday things made of natural materials which will make our life more eco – and a bit more amusing. The Scandinavian design matches every house. From now on, we can help our natural environment help even during our household chores. And we can do it with the style that people will love to talk about.

The Viktigt collection /

in cooperation with Ingegerd Råman

The Viktigt collection isn’t about great gestures – visible colours, creative shapes, nor overdone decoration. It is an image of love for design leaving a mark by understanding. An ordinary act of pouring water into a clear glass may be a magnificent spectacle.

This modest limited collection was created in cooperation with a prestigious Swedish designer, glassmaker, and ceramist, Ingegerd Råman. It offers products made of hand-blown glass, pieces of furniture, and accessories made of natural materials. It is beautiful because of its simplicity. You won’t find there anything useless.


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