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IKI STICKI are stickers designed for the IKEA furniture. As many people own IKEA furniture, we decided to select several best selling models, that are still avaliable (for example the commodes and cabinets Malm or the table Lack, which almost everybody owns). Despite the fact, that these pieces of furtniture have been popular during last years thanks to their simple design, they are becoming sterile and uniform, and perhaps seen just too often. The basic idea of IKI STICKI is to make the furniture changeable by individuals, who can add a stamp of originality by their own choice. So we requested some Slovak artists and designers to design the stickers for selected pieces of furniture. Every owner of IKEA furniture can change the look of his/her flat and bring a piece of art into it. Customers can choose any design (we are also making stickers with the customer’s own motive) and then the type of furniture for bonding. It is also very easy for the customer to bond the sticker himself/herself.


Reasons for buying IKI STICKY:



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