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One Step Ahead


An exhibition of contemporary footwear design. Presented for the first time on Bratislava Design Week, a choice international exhibition dedicated to footwear design, created in small editions. It presents different design strategies of the 21st century, in a selection made by the curators of BADW. Among the exhibitions are shoes by the English designer Marloes ten Bhömer, currently considered one of the courageous, provocative and closely watched authors on the international scene – her work is presented in prestigious institutions and by famous clients, f.e. Adidas, FORMFORMFORM, Nokia, Wexla. A different approach is presented by a designer Eugenia Morpurgo (TAL) and Sophia Guggenberger (AT) who have come up with a collaboration concept of shoes – Another Shoes project. Another designer, Alexander Fielden, has found inspiration in traditional Dutch footwear. He concentrates on men’s shoes, made from thick quality leather. His shoes have atmosphere… Michaela Čapková will represent Czech republic. Her shoes are small countries, she is not afraid to use even pine needles. Ecuadorean designer Fernando Echeverria, based in Prague, put the emphasis on expressive texture and plasticity of the surface in his works. And Barbora Veselá, known for her collection of shoes inspired by a topographical map of a country she likes. And from Slovakia, the established footwear designer Zuzana Serbak.

The designer duo Eugenia Morpurgo and Sophia Guggenberger will arrive personally to Bratislava and realize the workshop ,,Another Shoes“ in collaboration with FabLab Bratislava. They will also have a lecture within the conference In the Midl Forum.


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marloes ten Bhomer