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Settled Waters

The city we live in is closely linked to a big river. We get the data about its water level from different sources. Sometimes, a mere eye contact is enough. A river is a sort of a metaphor of flowing, change, force, journey, past, present, secret. It raises both respect and melancholy. It is beautiful. This is the reason why we decided to give the exhibition of the selected works of our foreign guests such a symbolical name. Their works disturb the waters of knowing; the works that “surfaced” from their studios are different, yet, at the same time, do not disturb the equilibrium when it comes to the surrounding environment, world.

Samy Rio is both elegant in the French manner and precise. He will present his collection, in which he experimented with bamboo as an ecological material that is not used to its fullest potential. Similarly, Jorge Penadés noticed little use of waste leather as a by-product of leather manufacture. After processing, it becomes a very distinctive material with a new meaning. Sander Wassink from the Netherlands is also not oblivious of his environment. He is wild and unrestrained in recycling, making new products on the “graves” of the used ones. Part of the Guglielmo Poletti’s artistic programme is to explore the limits of materials. He goes to extremes, trying to keep the function and succeeding in it. By means of reduction, he pursues to strip the essence of an object, showing its fragility along with its firmness. He contrasts different volumes, experimenting with joint elements. Tadeáš Podracký dislikes being limited by the label “designer”. His works are strongly related to space, a rather mental one in his case. He scrutinizes the way the past and present reflect in him in order to apply it later in his art. Markéta Kratochvílová specifically targets the space of body. Her fashion creations are tantalizing and mysterious. They are barriers and provocation. A new layer. A new limit. The Austrian designer duo Vandasye like to operate with the notion of context. In their view, it is a fundamental layer of creating a product, but mainly of its perception and absorption into the cultural context we live

Curators: Ľubica Hustá, Silvia Lovasová

Installation: Andrea Ďurianová

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