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IPRUM is a collaboration of four people – BetkaIrhová, Zuzana Dutková, Patrik Brody and ĽuboBaran. Even though each of them is active in a different field, they found out they had a lot in common. They care about the environment we live in. And they want to talk about it:

„We have loads of good ideas and we are convinced that if they come true, we will help improve the ecological state of affairs related to fashion industry.”

Betka is behind the Bagbet eco fashion brand, Zuzana founded the Dutka concept that deals with the processing of textile waste and manufacture of household products. Ľubo is a photographer and Brody a graphic designer.

Swapping practically means exchanging clothes, accessories, shoes and handbags. SWAP is an eco-friendly way to refresh one‘s wardrobe without ruining your wallet and planet. SWAP is a guilt-free “shopping”.

How does it work?

You bring your sorted clothes to a common pooland in turn, you may take away anything you find, need or like.

What clothing can I bring?

You can bring two types of clothing to our SWAPs:

1) Clothes and accessories you want to swap. But they must be in an excellent form. They must smell good, be clean, nice and undamaged, they must be in such a shape that your good friend would take them.

2) Clothes with no potential to serve further in their original form. These ones will be used for recycling purposes. We will address not only big recycling companies that make new products from textile waste, but also local designers that upcycle textile waste. You can, however, bring only clothes. Unfortunately, it is so far impossible to recycle shoes and accessories in Slovakia.

More info on the FB event

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