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taliaYstudio – a free design group creating in Vienna (cooperating with a broad base of external designers) focuses on design with strong communication and social potential. Their projects explore and respond to the neuralgic points in interpersonal relationships, in society. They seek a sustainable, friendly approach to design, using natural resources. Their latest project is focused on working with the OLED organic light emitting diodes, providing new possibilities for portable appliances, lighting, and for example, display devices. On Bratislava Design Week taliaYstudio will present within the Future Selection section. Their high-tech „holdables“ – playful and funny gadgets designed as „jewelry / accessories“ wearables. Apparatus monOled, SAD Lolly and Kiss Cam are based on the fact that they do not use the traditional on / off button, but are activated by movements or gestures and work through LED light filters. They are inventive with a bit satirical commentary on the technological revolution and its consequences. S.A.D LOLLY is a health monitor that helps prevent seasonal affected disorder by logging the wearer’s exposure to light and turning on the OLED for “Light Shots” by stroking fur, which is its part. Kiss Cam allows you to take photographs by kissing.


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