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Terézia Feňovčíková

H A N B O K – mens collection

Experimental shaping and spatial forming of clothes are at the very base of the collection inspired by the Korean costume Hanbok and calligraphy, which are put into juxtaposition through dynamising of a textile surface. The applied composite (laminate) shapes a 2D textile (shirt) into space formed according to its wearer and motion. A wash painting with a foam, showing diversity and irregularity of growth, amplifies the calligraphic gesture as an interplay of surfaces (trousers). The spatial form is underlined by the interplay of contrasts of light and shade, which is a part of shirts in the built space of composite parts; in case of trousers in the crumple of the material. With its growing structure, the surface pushes through its Limit of the shaped clothing, reaching the form of a wearable object.


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