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Design is a field where it is possible to dream without limits. Dreams often include, among other things, some elements of the future. What will it be like? Where are the limits and are there any limits at all?

The works within the exhibition Towards are selected and composed to show diverse, rather experimental dimensions of reflection on design practice. Starting from “singing quartz crystal” to the handbag for a stylish demonstrator…
It is about testing, searching for a new contact, content or identity of a designer’s product…


exhibiting: Inga Sempé (F), Karol Pichler (SK), Laura Couto Rosado (CH), Katharina Unger (A), Sofya Samareva (CZ), Simona Janišová (SK), Sylvia Jokelová, Braňo Laho (SK), Silvia Lovasová (SK), Ján Šicko (SK), Braňo Laho (SK)

curator: Ľubica Hustá

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svietidl† pre 2013 WĄstberg-Inga-Sempā

replikanti - digital DUX