UAUproject (Polsko)

Dizajnérske štúdio so sídlom vo Varšave. Založili ho Justyna Fałdzińska a Miłosz Dąbrowski. Ich cieľom je poukázať, že 3D tlač je najlepší spôsob, ako zabezpečiť, aby bol dobrý dizajn udržateľný a prístupný. Ich práce uvidíte v Apponyiho paláci.

„All our products are designed to be 3D printed from plant based bioplastics like PLA. They are fully recyclable & compostable in industrial facilities. They are manufactured to order in our studio in Warsaw.“

UAUPROJECT is a design studio based in Warsaw, Poland. Founded by Justyna Fałdzińska & Miłosz Dąbrowski, graduates from Industrial Design Faculty on Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts.
We are exploring and experimenting with consumer oriented 3D printing for use in home production. Our goal is to show that 3D printing is the best way to make good design sustainable & accessible. We develop our products with passion and commitment, with only the best quality materials. The environment is of utmost importance to us, so all of the materials we use are either biodegradable or highly recyclable.