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Vladimír Dedeček: WORK


„It’s an arguable question,whether its creation or work. I would place design in work. I’ve never felt like an artist.“

Vladimír Dedeček


The project Vladimír Dedeček: Work  is the first exhibition of the creations and works of the architect Vladimír Dedeček. Works that still resonate in the Slovakian architecture discourse, as well as among common people. The authors team, including Peter Szalay (Dept. Of Architecture, Institute of Construction and Architecture, Slovak Academy of Sciences), Martin Zaiček (Archimera, CA), Peter Kudlička (moire.sk), Plural studio and Lubica Segečová, will introduce the almost 50 year career of the architect through his memories.

Through a video installation, the authors attempt to mediate the intimity of Dedeček’s current surroundings, his thoughts and a look on the past and present. They present a different angle on the architect, known mainly as an author of monumental pieces and concepts. His work is either admired or damned, but never without attention. The list of his projects itself is impressive. Since the middle of the fifties of the last century, he created more than a hundred architectural designs, and more than seventy were completed. Many objects from this list of schools, cultural, sports and administrative buildings, supplement the area and identity of the district where they stand.

The authors of the project Vladimír Dedeček: WORK  focus on the way he worked, what inspired and influenced his designs, in an interview done during a single meeting with the architect. The authors intentionally renounced the opportunity to enter Dedečeks finished objects and record their current state. They turned the camera exclusively on the architect, and his work desk.

The architect introduces his work, he reveals his memories on the proposals and background of the design of important projects, and the realization of architecture in postwar Slovakia, but what is more, he physically demonstrates how he created particular works. Simple, schematic pen drawings visualize the reality of the architects thoughts, his internal currentness. The sketches became artefacts, recordings of his performance, and are the only material elements of the exhibit.


The exhibit will take place in the center of BADW, on Laurinska st., 2.floor


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