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Wool Design. Carpathians


The aim of the project is to create a platform for education focused on the wool heritage in the Carpathians. Visegrad Countries have a long tradition of use of wool and wool products. For centuries, pastoralism have been the basis of agricultural economy in the Visegrad Countries and shaped the rich material and spiritual culture of this region. The aim of the project is protection and education of old wool-processing techniques, presenting their new role by creating new products by young designers from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

Carpathians have a long and valuable tradition regarding the use of wool and creation of wool products and for centuries have been the basis of agricultural economy and shaped the rich material and spiritual culture of the region. Unfortunately, today wool is becoming more and more of a forgotten material, an unwanted by-product. The aim of the project is to familiarize oneself with the old techniques related to handling and processing of wool by young designers. The first step of the project was the workshops in Jaworzynka (Beskidy Mountains) for young designers from Visegrad Countries. The designers were learning about old wool-processing techniques: yarning, weaving, felting, wool dying etc. from the local artisans. During the workshop, participants visited old Silesian factories (PL) related to wool processing. The designers were working under supervision of experienced external experts and wool specialists.

The exhibition shows new products based on old wool techniques (lamps, interior design, experiments, etc.). Presents new possibilities of wool usage by young designers.

Project leader

Zamek Cieszyn Design Center (Poland)


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Technology University of Łódź (Poland)

Flowers for Slovakia (Slovakia)

ÚĽUV – The Centre For Folk Art Production (Slovakia)


Czechdesign (Czech Republic)

Hungarian Wool Festival (Hungary)

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27.02.2015 Cieszyn 10 Urodziny Zamek Cieszynfot. Dominik Gajda