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Work is all around


The title freely paraphrases Bjorks song All is full of love. Just like love, work is also something that definitely flows through our life, and makes it meaningful. Design, as we see it, is mainly work. That is why we want to emphasize it during the festival. One of the forms will be an exhibition with an international cast entitled Work is all around. Lubica Hustá in cooperation with Viera Kleinová and Fedor Blaščák will present a selection of various design concepts, that thematize and present this subject. Either by specific approaches to work, created objects, provocative commentary, interactive potential, or a trip into the past…


A whole line of workshops will supplement the exhibition, you will be able to participate, and try to think differently, or perhaps just see what the work of designers looks like.


Exhibiting: Peter Biľak (SK), Bjørn Jørund Blikstad (N), Cox & Grusenmeyer (B), Curro Claret (ESP), deform (CZ), Florian Hauswirth (CH), Benjamin Hubert (UK), Sylvia Jokelová (SK), llot llov (DE), Richard Seneši/ Peter Čintalan (SK), Christian Spiess (CH), Maňo Štrauch (SK), taliaYstudio (A), Martin Vanko (SK), Mugi Yamamoto (CH)

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taliaY studio                                                         Curro Claret


8. peter bilak works that work casopis

Peter Biľak


martin vanko keramicka gitara

Martin Vanko


mugi yamamoto

Mugi Yamamoto



Christian Spiess