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Zuzana Tončíková & Eva Haviarová

Zuzana Tončíková and Eva Haviarová designed Combo stools as part of the project “Integration of eco-design rules into the educational process of designers”, supported by J.W. Fulbright Commission. The project was conducted at the Purdue University, USA. This design study shows the difference between environmental impacts of basic materials used in furniture production. The great challenge for us designers is to understand how the environmental impact of the product could be affected by our choices of product shape, material combination, as well as production technology. The methodology was based on the benchmarking of these three almost the same stools, which were designed and manufactured with a combination of different materials and production technologies. The outputs of the project should help designers to integrate eco-design procedures into the process of their creative thinking, as well as calculate the environmental impact of basic materials used in the furniture industry.


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