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Bublina (BUBBLE)


New magazine for kids full of good things from Slovak authors

Bublina (Bubble) is a new magazine for kids full of good things, designed for children from around six to ten years. It brings current topics of our times: from music, sport, ecology, science and history to instructive and funny comic strips, activities and games. Among contributors are first class Slovak authors such as Kristína Farkašová, Samo Marec, Oliver Rehák, Samo Trnka, Tomáš Hudák, Daniel Hevier Jr., or Zuzana Lišková. Illustrations are made by popular Slovak illustrators: Barbora Idesová, Petra Lukovicsová, Mária Kralovič, Michaela Mihalyiová, Mišo Lowi, Ivana Šáteková or Broňa Schragge and many others. The magazine is pretty, teeming with colours and great things. It is made with love and mainly with good taste. Its task is to form, inspire to explore, dream and experiment, and it brings a bundles of laugh and fun.


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