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Cégér joined that, which is supposed to be together. Two inventive souls meet in one bottle: a winemaker and an artist. You are the witnesses: a perceptive audience, which knows, that it pays off to be observant, when creative souls touch a bottle. The Cégér project honours two professions. We provide a well-deserved space for the presentation of label design, and together with artists who are worth it, we push wine into a new qualitative position. The new quality is the art medium. To express everything that a bottle of wine has inside on a few square centimetres – a thousand years of cultural heritage, the work of the people, geology, the winemakers personality, not mentioning the (too) current market targeting – is truly a work of art. And when the work is exceptional, than it sells and meets the eye, entertains and informs. Everyone from the staring trio is important, and Cégér’s task is to explain to the audience, that the harmony between a designer and winemaker has no meaning, if the label resulting from their cooperation doesn’t meet the perception of the customer, and the corkscrew in their hands. I consider the biggest success of our project started last year to be the fact that each graphic designer-finalist has gotten an offer of cooperation from the winemaker, who has been assigned to him by fate. That proves that graphic designers are right at home in marketing.

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