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Department of Interior and Art of Exhibition and BCD lab, STU / WOOD-WOOL (WW)


The project was created in cooperation with the Dekoma company which is a tapestry and housing textiles producer. It is part of the Small Smart Wooden cycle led by Veronika Kotradyová and dedicated to work with massive timber. The current topic was creating small intelligent furniture in a combination of wood and natural wool which are materials of equally strong characters. The project was held with help of several students: Katarína Kováčová, Lucia Košťálová, Adam Janis, Dominika Podolská, Zuzana Kelemenová, Martina Chlebničanová, Dominika Krajčiová, Frederika Fačkovcová,  Zuzana Slezáková, Filip Ponechal.


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