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 Slovak room reviseted

“Slovak Room” is a set expression that illustrates a typical interior of a Slovak peasant or villager, mostly to be found at regional exhibitions or often in hotels or restaurants. The furnishing of such spaces was set, too. Wooden facing, carved wooden furniture and home accessories, folk ceramics, linen tablecloths, gubas (Slovak traditional garment made of long-haired sheep wool) on walls, valaškas (Slovak traditional long thin shepherd’s axe). Sort of a sentimental essence of rural lifestyle and folk culture. Our Slovak room is from the 21st century. It presents a selection of interior objects we find interesting that form an essence of the current revision of the concept of Slovak room. We like traditions, but as the Slovak national leader in the 19th century Ľudovít Štúr said: “There is no going back, forward must we go.”

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