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SPAM / Another Brick


SPAM/ Another Brick, a unique audiovisual connection – sound and light show by the rapper Vladimir 518 and the musician Ondřej Anděra (WWW), directed by David Vrbík, is about the world behind the mirror and about surfing in the digital ocean. „Its aim is to research the artistic possibilities of audiovisual and dramatic formations, it is an experiment of searching advanced media and finding new format in art. More than any general message, our own passion is important for us.“ Ondřej Anděra – known as Sifon from WWW band explains. He works as musician, director and animator. „SPAM has absolutely contemporary language and it fits universally, to all places where contemporary life is. The place effects our concert and SPAM is based on the reaction and interaction with ambience.“ Vladimir 518 says. „The tracks are made independently and the whole production and visuals we complete together. Surprisingly, we manage to fulfill our ideas in absolute harmony.“ David Vrbík says – sound engineer, music composer, inventor of laser string and author of scenic music. Another Brick is organized by Intenda Foundation on the occasion of 90th anniversary of YMCA building.


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