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The group “10-gruppen” is the cream of the crop of the history of Scandinavian design: ideals of democracy, esthetical innovation and unusual feel for the selection of materials. The style of their design has not aged at all – it is as youthful, radical and brave as in the 1970s. After 45 extraordinarily creative years, the successfully active iconic group of Swedish designers decided to pass the torch and secret of their design on to other people. IKEA was immensely flattered to get such an opportunity, grasping it without hesitation. Under the lead of Tom Hedqvist, in collaboration with the members of “10-gruppen”, the Swedish artist Kristina Abelli Elander, the designer Anders Wenngren and three IKEA designers – Hanna Dalrot, Ida Pettersson a Iina Vuorivirta – a playful interconnection of the past and present gained a very modern look. The Avsiktlig collection presents 14 wonderful patterns, giving us a proof that it is possible to keep history and be modern at the same time

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The world around us is going faster and faster. We travel, communicate, shop, meet, work, consume, cook and eat faster than any time before. The new collection Stockholm 2017 puts an emphasis on the direct contrast to such a fast life tempo, focusing on the quality and values arising with the slow creation of things and slower lifestyle. Nature and light have their own rhythm that does not know haste. Wood needs a certain time for its growth. Hand-blown glass is made by hands of a glassmaker who perfected their skill over long years. Painting the patterns needs a skilled hand. Such thoroughness requires time. And this is how the new collection of furniture and accessories Stockholm 2017 was slowly growing and finally developed into its present form.

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