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Filip Kotrč a Janka Solárová / Modoo


The Modoo project represents a unique solution of an ecological problem

What makes pizza a phenomenal fast food is its diversity and affordability. The only waste it produces is a box, but over 3 billion boxes are produced only in the US. The boxes are often not recycled, as they contain oily stains and pizza leftovers. Moreover, separation of the corrupt parts slows down the whole process of recycling. We called our solution Modoo. Modoo is the first e-shop that offers a box only with a protective paper ensuring that the box is fully protected from oil. The box is also tall, so it is not necessary to use other plastic components. Modoo is a unique paper design thanks to which a pizza box gains a new sense. The Modoo pizza box contains two constructional boards that bring a whole lot of other benefits. Dextrous and patient people will find out that Modoo can be a new way of fun, thinking, movement or creation of their environment. Modoo is also an eco-ad that provides for a box for free and efficiently helps build a better world. For more info visit modoo.sk.

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