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Henrieta Kurčíková


Nowadays, in the age of globalisation, we repeatedly come back to our roots, traditions, self-identifying in the plethora of co-habiting cultures through our own cultural heritage – a cultural identity.

We rediscover our national roots and the value of traditions and crafts.

My collection Other/Traditional reacts to the aesthetics of folk art. My work is based on the rural and agrarian environment, imitating the structure of folk architecture, nature or national costumes. The primary textile material for building up the structures is a ribbon as a typical element in a folk clothing. I compose the ribbons using traditional manual techniques – pleating, knitting, crocheting… The monochromatic colour scheme brings out the qualities of the chosen material. Ribbons adjusted in such a manner are then used to create accessories, jewels, head covers of a shape inspired by folk clothing. We can sophisticatedly identify with them in today’s context.

The collection was supported by the Tatrabanka Foundation.

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