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Jaroslav Kyša + Juraj Rattaj

We live in the “polished” and “pure” environment flooded with touchscreens. What we come to lack more and more is an ordinary haptic experience. A touch of the material, its surface, structure, consistence… we lack the touch with nature. “Dactyloscopy (from Greek: daktylos – finger, skopeo – to look) is a science analysing the patterns of papillary lines on the inner side of phalanxes. A fingerprint, i. e. a pattern of lines, is an individualising element of all human beings. It is a proof of touch. A convicting sign of presence. Corpus delicti (from Latin: corpus – body, delictum – disturbance). I see corpus – body and its imprint into the material or touch with objects as a proof of contact with the world. Even as a sign of manifesting our desire to seize things, to leave our messages on them. What would the world be without our presence?” (Ján Kralovič).

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