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Tropics of Everydayness


What we experience most in our lives is everydayness. It makes us confront regularity, repetitiveness, triviality, and time that runs out. New experiences originate on the road. Tropics of Everydayness exhibition is, too, prepared as a trip, a journey to a temporary garden, where – instead of souvenirs or exotic birds – you’ll find arts of selected designers whose work is worth seeing and keeping track of. In the temporary garden, next to each other stand wild neons on minimalistic bases, an enigmatic clock catching liquid moments during
the day, suggestively exotic glazes, conceptual thoughts about significance, items and jewelery of occult, structures to a certain degree copying nature. It is just a small step from gardens to the Universe. And that is a giant exoticism.


Curator: Ľubica Hustá


Authors: Sabine Marcelis (NL), Milan Pekař (CZ), Janja Prokić (CZ), Zanellato Bortotto (IT), Klemens Schillinger (AT), Petr Hák and Markéta Držmíšková (CZ), Nadezda Suvorova (CH), Thomas Vailly (NL)


Installation of the exhibition: Andrea Ďurianová


Special thanks to But EVERGREEN GARDEN s.r.o.

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